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Bard Papegaaij

Bard Papegaaij

Re-humanising Work and Society

Bard is a philosopher, writer, practitioner and teacher with a deep compassion for the human condition and a burning desire to help people live better lives, do better work and create a more sustainable and socially connected society in the process. Those may be lofty goals and sound somewhat unobtainable, but Bard has a uniquely pragmatic approach to these challenges. He breaks complex concepts down into simple, compelling and powerful stories, frameworks and models. His keynotes and workshops give people practical tools and ways to take control of their own development. And his very personal style, sprinkled with humour, anecdotes and pearls of wisdom, engage and motivate audiences to see beyond the obvious and the limited, into a future in which anything is possible.

Bard has spent his whole life trying to understand what makes us humans tick. Even though he worked most of his professional career in the IT industry, he has always approached everything from the human angle: how does it make us feel, why do we behave in this way, how do we decide, how do we change – or don’t? Introduced by his late wife Michal Levit to the field of Emotional Intelligence, he has explored the idea of the emotionally mature workplace and how to achieve that. Throughout 30+ years of working with organisations all over the planet he has helped individuals and organisations with maturing their awareness and mastery of their individual and collective emotional abilities; creating more inspiring and sustainable approaches to leadership and team development; and taking responsibility for the future evolution of their organisational cultures.

Bard does not just talk about these things, he can also coach, mentor and facilitate workshops and off-sites for individuals, teams and even whole organisations. He always tailors his keynotes, workshops and off-sites to the needs of his clients, combining material from his extensive library of topics and modules with fresh material in new and effective ways.

My Topics

  • Re-humanising work and society: why we need to put humans back in the centre of everything we do
  • Emotional Intelligence is more than just being touchy-feely
  • Surfing the waves of emotional upheavals
  • How to have better conversations
  • Why change is hard
  • The Yin and Yang of leadership
  • What’s your story: how having a personal narrative helps you take control of your life
  • The power of expectations: how expectations can prevent us from living our own life, and how to turn that around


Anyone who has the privilege of hearing Bard’s story will leave inspired. Bard speaks from the heart on important topics not many others would have the courage to touch upon. Having overcome his own personal challenges, Bard is able to help with empowering people who may be facing their own challenges in life and in the workplace and to provide a level of strength and resilience through the use of simple tools and deeper thought.

Sarah Lee, Senior Event Coordinator, Worldwide Events, Gartner

When I first got in touch with the concept of knowledge management more than 20 years ago I started to question the way companies are organized and the way they are forcing people to work. What I found was a tremendous contraction in how humans tick and how they have to bend themselves in their work in order to obey the rules and frames the organizations impose on them. Thus urged me to start my research upon leadership and self-organization. During this journey which I am still a traveller on led me to the concepts of chaos and complexity theory and opened my eyes for multiple analogies in nature and physics how things are connected with each other and working in a breath-taking simple an natural organized way. Until today I am fully convinced that on our recent work environment forces humans to ignore their true purpose which inevitably leads to unhappiness. This on the other hand leads to companies which cannot be successful as they are full of unhappy people. But instead of changing their way of being organised around the humans who are working for them they continue to reinforce the dogmas which led to the current abortive situation.

During all these years I was desperately seeking for allies who understand my thoughts and were able to spread the message. I never really expected to meet one until I met Bard.

Bard is a true teacher full of passion and practical advice how to implement the wisdom he shares with his clients in a simple and pragmatic way. This shows that his aspiration to coach companies to create a more sustainable and appreciating environment is truly noble. With his insights he guides people and companies through the complexities they are confronted with. Bard brings our society and economy new principles and concepts of work and collaboration which lead to value driven cultures full of motivated people contributing to vast and unknown company results of success.

I recommend everyone who wants to be successful in a new digital and connected society to work with Bard.

Renate Hassek, Client Director, Gartner Austria

Bard has worked with our organisation as a partner over the last number of years in our digital transformation program. Bard has acted as a mentor and coach to myself and a number of our digital leaders in the areas of digital leadership, on how to develop trusted and meaningful relationships with our staff and customers and challenging us on our ideas of what we can achieve and how we can innovate. I’d highly recommend Bard as a strategic partner to any organisation that truly wants to become a leader in digital business.

James Foxall, Senior Director, Office of the CIO at Metro South Health

Bard is a deep-thinker with strong capabilities to approach problems with novel ideas and solutions. In combination with his excellent personal skills, I have come to know Bard as someone who is capable to bring groups to new levels of performance.

Hans Bossenbroek, CEO at Luminis

In my years as a manager I have enjoyed some executive programs at top business schools like Fontainebleau and MIT as well as some of the best personal trainings in our country. The real impact, however, that you were able to achieve on the team and myself in a short period of time puts you in my mind right up in that league. …

I have tried to re-think on what exactly made the program so successful and different from other experiences. I believe it is your ability to bring all the components necessary to drive a business together. …

Add to this the ability to bring in very practical methods to achieve this in a period of time I had previously considered to be impossible … I think that the combination of business foundation issues … combined with managerial issues … and the way you have brought these together is quite unique and very powerful.

Erik van Houwelingen, CEO at AEGON Asset Management Nederland