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White Paper:

The 4th Industrial Revolution

The current time is a time of rapid change and constant disruption. Called the “4th Industrial Revolution” this turning point in history is about much more than ‘just’ technology and business innovation. Instead, it has far-reaching implications for practically all aspects of our society, including business, government, education, work, communities, and much more.


Bard is a published author and this book provides a step by step approach for creating a better future from the stories of your past. Using a combination of reflections, stories, exercises and illustrations. 

A String of Pearls

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This book started as a metaphor, then turned into a poem, to become this series of illustrated reflections on the life cycle of a river. Its sole purpose is to encourage you to enjoy, reflect and meditate on the mysteries of Nature and what they say about the rhythms and cycles of our own existence.

The River