Transgrowth was founded 17 years ago by Michal and Bard Papegaaij, with a mission to bring back the human aspects of organisations into the heart of leadership and management practices everywhere. With Michal’s passing in 2011, Transgrowth was temporarily put on hold.


Bard kept working on fulfilling its mission through his work as an Executive Partner and Research Vice President at Gartner, winning awards for his approach, coaching, research and use of emotional intelligence to 're-humanise' organisations in the digital era. 

Seeing the pressure private and public sector organisations are under to adapt and transform to keep up with the digital revolution, Bard has returned to Transgrowth, and is positioned to bring a deep understanding of the leadership challenges organisations are facing, with many years of hands-on support for leaders in all industries.

Our aim is to support organisations to grow amidst change and develop the leadership, workforce and culture for the Digital Era.