Future of Work

4th Industrial Revolution

This series of publications is intended for leaders and transformation teams, and will discuss the implications of the 4th Industrial Revolution, as well as Covid-19.


The first instalment is the Executive Summary and background, with each week bringing a new instalment thereafter, highlighting paradigm shifts business leaders must consider and adapt to in the world that is emerging now.


These are:
The Existing World Paradigm
Shift 1: From Command & Control Leadership to Collaborative Conscious Leadership
Shift 2: From Linear Business Monoliths to Agile Learning Business Ecosystems
Shift 3: From Sustained Competitive Advantage to Transient Competitive Advantage
Shift 4: From Organisational Hierarchy and (Mono) Culture to Networks, Teams and Diversity
Shift 5: From Legacy Systems and Technologies to Platforms

The 4th Industrial Revolution - Executive Summary

The current time is a time of rapid change and constant disruption. Called the “4th Industrial Revolution” this turning point in history is about much more than ‘just’ technology and business innovation. Instead, it has far-reaching implications for practically all aspects of our society, including business, government, education, work, communities, and much more.

The New Future of Business and Leadership: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Covid-19 Combined

While researching this whitepaper the world entered new and unchartered waters. The Covid-19 pandemic puts unprecedented pressure on the fundamental pillars of our current world paradigm. Business, education, government, healthcare and society are changing faster than ever. Already, some of the concepts and ideas highlighted within this white paper as future horizonal, have now become or are now being considered the new normal for the world paradigm that is unfolding.

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